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The World Appeal to a New Mobilization for Childhood in 2009

The World Appeal to a new mobilization for Childhood was launched on June 4, 2009 in Geneva, on the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Thousands of organisations and individuals worldwide have joined this appeal. 



BICE and children’s rights

In 1979, BICE participated in the organisation of the International Year of the Child. In the 1980s, BICE actively participated in the drafting of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Since then, BICE has worked toward the implementation of this convention, with the help of its network of partners, member organisations and experts present on four continents, and thanks to its active advocacy to the Committee on the Rights of the Child and to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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Children’s rights : 20 years on

The signatories of the appeal believe that despite clear progress over the last 20 years, there have been reversals in recent years. Children’s rights organisations such as BICE have observed serious setbacks and major violations of children’s rights in many regions of the world.

With the spreading of the economic crisis on a global scale, it is feared that this situation will continue, in particular for children in poorer countries. The global appeal was launched as a matter of urgency for children the world over.

This appeal is the result of two years’ preparation: starting on a regional level – in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe-CIS – with a consultation on the issue of childhood 20 years after the adoption of the Convention, giving rise to regional positions on the situation of children’s rights. This was followed by the creation of a working group of high-level experts, who prepared a reference document which formed the basis for the appeal.

Read the texts of the appeal and the regional reports on children’s rights

A global appeal on behalf of children

The appeal is addressed to the member states – guarantors of the application of the Convention -, the international community, the media, moral and religious authorities, NGOs, as well as all men and women of goodwill ; respect for the rights and dignity of the child concerns us all.

Sponsorship and Honorary Committee

This appeal was sponsored by Marguerite Barankitse, from Burundi, who received a Human Rights award from the French government in 1998. Her courage and determination saved the lives of countless Tsuti and Hutu children during the ethnic massacres in 1993. Since then, over 10 000 children have been cared for at the Maison Shalom, which she founded.

An honorary committee, composed of amongst others M. Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Mme Yanghee Lee, President of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, also served as sponsor

Composition of the International Committee for the appeal

On the initiative of BICE, the expert working group designed a reference document for the global appeal.

The list of titles and functions of each member of the Committee was drawn up in 2009, and may have changed since then.

  • Mme Alessandra AULA (Switzerland) : President, BICE Permanent Representation to international and European institutions
  • M. Abraham BENGALY (Mali) : President, CEPROCIDE Steering Committee ; Deputy Secretary-General, Malian Association for Human Rights
  • Mme Johanne BOUCHARD (Canada) : Project Assistant, Observatory of Diversity and Cultural Rights, Université de Fribourg (Switzerland)
  • Mme Virginie DHELLEMMES (Belgium) : Secretary-General, BICE
  • M. Nodari Lotarievich HANANASHVILI (Russian Federation) : Vice-president, National association of charitable organisations; Deputy General Manager, Fond Enlightmen
  • M. Sanphasit KOOMPRAPHANT (Thaïland) : President, ISPCAN ; Director, Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights
  • M. Désiré KOUKOUI (Côte d’Ivoire) : BICE Coordinator in Côte d’Ivoire
  • M. Norberto LIWSKI (Argentina) : Doctor ; Former Vice-president of the Committee for the rights of the child
  • Mme Valérie LOCHEN (France) : Head of Observation and Strategy, Fondation d’Auteuil
  • Mme Sylvie MANSOUR (Palestine) : Technical Assistant for the Dept of Mental Health, Palestinian Ministry for Health
  • M. Yves MARIE-LANOE (France) : President, BICE
  • Frère Ernest MILLER (United States) : Director of Education and Training, Mission Lassalienne, Baltimore
  • Mme Marie-Thérèse MULANGA (Democratic Republic of Congo) : Director of Research, Aid to Disadvantaged Children of Kinshasa ; Board member, BICE
  • Mme Irada PARAJULI GAUTAM (Nepal) : President of Aawaaj (La Voix)
  • Père Clodoveo PIAZZA (Brazil) : Board member, BICE ; Père Clodoveo PIAZZA (Brazil) : Board member, BICE ; Head of Programmes for the Fight against Poverty in Mozambique
  • Mme Monique SCHERRER (France) : Editor-in-chief, Prions en Eglise Junior, Bayard Presse ; Board member, BICE  

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