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Goals and activities

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is Europe’s most important Catholic university. In espousing the universal vocation to holiness and faithfulness to the Gospel, Università Cattolica increasingly aims to be a special venue for prolific dialogue among men and women of all cultures. The university is both a lively community and a research hub which through it’s CeSI – CIS, Athenaeum Centre for International Solidarity promote scientific based research activities on practice of international solidarity as well as being strongly involved in social projects in various emerging countries. The Università Cattolica remains committed to its mission of enhancing that combination of professional skills, cultural resources and human characteristics which is essential if we are to operate with realism and confidence, looking ahead to a future that already makes up the present for us all.

Poles of experience

  • Formal or informal education for children
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children who have suffered from abuse and/or exploitation
  • Child abuse and victims of violence
  • Health and development of the child
  • Resilience
  • Child rights
  • Children without a stable family circle and/or whose families have broken down.

Contact details

Largo Gemelli, 1
20123 – Milan

Phone number: 0039(2)7234.1

E-mails: rettore@unicatt.it / seg.prorettori@unicatt.it

Website: www.unicattolica.it

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