Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide


Organization chart

The BICE team consists of about twenty employees. It is responsible for the establishment and monitoring of field projects and programmes, advocacy, publications, awareness events of the rights of the child, and donor relations and fundraising.


BICE Paris (Head Office)

70 bd Magenta, 75010 Paris, France

Branch officer: Sandrine Tiffreau

Contact: email – +33 1 53 35 01 00

Missions: donor relations; private fundraising; communication; administration and finance.

BICE Geneva

44 rue de Lausanne, CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Branch officer: Alessandra Aula, General Secretary

Contact: email – +41 22 731 32 48

Missions: permanent representative to the UN; advocacy coordination; research and development on resilience, programmes and field projects management; development and coordination of network members; relations with partners and institutional donors.

Staff Organization


  • Alessandra Aula, Secretary General
  • Sandrine Tiffreau, Director of Communications and Fundraising
  • Anne-Laurence Lacroix, Director of programmes


  • Carmen Serrano, Special Adviser to the SG for the development of the BICE Network

Network for Africa

  • Marie-Laure Joliveau, Programme Officer

Network for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Carmen Serrano, Network Manager

Promotion of Welfare and the Fight Against Sexual Abuse Programme

  • Diana Filatova, Programme Officer
  • Maria Camila Caicedo, Programme Officer
  • Léa Winter, Programme Officer

Juvenile Justice Programme

  • Maria Camila Caicedo, Programme Officer
  • Léa Winter, Programme Officer

Education Projects

  • Carmen Serrano, Network manager

Handicap Projects

  • Diana Filatova, Programme Officer
  • MArie-Laure Joliveau, Programme Officer

Early Childhood Projects

  • Carmen Serrano, Network manager
  • Diana Filatova, Programme officer

Research & Development

  • Stefan Vanistendael, Researcher


  • Yao Agbetse, Coordinator

Communication, Fundraising, and Donor Relations

  • Marina Gente, Communications Officer
  • Sarah Perrin, Communications Officer and press Relations
  • Nathalie Dobozy, Communications and Donor Relations Officer
  • Céline Prehel, Webmaster


  • Sophie Parron, Financial Manager
  • Habiba Horchi, Administrative and Financial Manager, Paris

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