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Universal Periodic Review in 2014

20th session, October 27- November 7, 2014

Read the UPR Report of Kazakhstan (in English) submitted by BICE and KENES.

Universal Periodic Review in 2013

18th session, January 27- February 7, 2014

Read the UPR Report of Chile (in Spanish) submitted by BICE, Fundación Marista de Solidaridad Internacional (FMSI), Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice (IIMA) and International Volunteerism Organisation for Women, Education, Development (VIDES International).

Universal Periodic Review in 2012

14th session, October 22- November 5, 2012

Read the UPR Report- Peru (in Spanish) submitted by BICE, Compromiso desde la Infancia y Adolescencia (COMETA) et Observatorio de Prisiones de Arequipa (OPA).

Universal Periodic Review in 2011

12th session, October 3-14 2011

Read the UPR Report- Togo (in French) submitted by ICCB.

Universal Periodic Review in 2010

10th session, January 24- February 4, 2011

Read the UPR Report- Nepal (English) submitted by ICCB.

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