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Organisation type

Association nonprofit


Intervention field

The main task of ASBL Bice-Belgium is to reflect on the rights of children who live on Belgian ground.

The association is a team led by Professor Jean-Yves Hayez, child psychiatrist, doctor of psychology, professor emeritus at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).

Goals and activities

ASBL Bice-Belgium publishes reports on specific issues of children’s rights that reflect on the application of rights of the child. The reports are published on our website under the subheading “rights of the child in question.”

ASBL Bice-Belgium also advocates for children’s rights as a member of the Coordination of NGOs for the rights of the child. (CODE)

Poles of experience

  • The psychology and education of minors,
  • issues of education,
  • general and social child psychiatry,
  • justice for minors,
  • rights of the child.

Contact details

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