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Child malnutrition: simple ways to improve health




In Puerto Piray, Argentina, a training session on food safety was organized in April for dozens of mothers as part of BICE’s “Happy and Healthy Children” project.

In Argentina, the Puerto Piray region is known to have numerous cases of child malnutrition, inadequate treatment of food and chronic illnesses linked to food. For this reason, the “Happy and Healthy Children” project is planning a training session on food safety awareness targeted towards mothers. The training can be given to persons designated as specialists, who thereafter assume the role of educating other members of the community about these problems and helping them acquire better food-related habits.

The workshops are led by a professional nutritionist. The goal is to encourage the group to reflect on their daily diets, on their access to food and the production of their food so that they may consume more responsibly within their communities, in a way which supports the local economy.

Securite alimentaire PP 2A healthy diet is also contingent on individual needs: therefore, a discussion is also led on breastfeeding and the foods which are most appropriate to each stage of child development. Other topics covered include: the purchase, distribution, conservation, and cleanliness of food, the preparation of meals, as well as the usage and maximization of foods’ nutritional value, all in a culturally aware context.

“We received a lot of important information on the topic of nutrition and health. The best thing to do is to share what we have learned with our family and our community, in the CEP (Community Education Center) and to teach children how to nourish themselves when they are still very young” (a designated specialist of one of the communities, who was present at the workshops).

Learn more about the “Happy and Healthy Children” project developed in partnership with the Sisters of San José de Cuneo in the six Community Education Centers (CEPs) of Puerto Piray.

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