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Street Children

Street children
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Street children often live separated from their families and community, with no adult role models. The family as a social entity is becoming increasingly fragile, causing the disappearance of essential landmarks in children’s lives.

Giving new meaning to family and community ties, and strengthening them in the long term is an important part of the work done by BICE and its partners with street children.

BICE acts for street children

BICE and its partners run projects aimed at reducing the number of children who live in the street. We take preventive actions with vulnerable populations, to improve our support for children living on the street. These actions are conducted in Africa and Latin America.

The principal aim of our actions is to re-establish ties between a child and his family and community, while providing children with psycho-social support and educational or professional integration.

Children for whom rehabilitation is not possible are provided with support from appropriate bodies, in order to develop their resilience and construct a future. We also recommend support for single-parent families, which are usually headed by women. Women are more often faced with economic hardship and social isolation.

In the field, our actions provide support for approximately 800 children each year.