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Fight against sexual abuse in Romania

For the past 20 years, Romania has been undergoing a period of political and economic transition which has greatly weakened it. Nevertheless, Romania strengthened its legislation on sexual abuse in 2000. A new law introduced stiffer penalties for sexual offenses (rape, abuse, violence, incest ...) Attitudes towards sexual abuse are gradually changing. However, childcare professionals are pushing for better training on identifying and flagging cases of abuse.  



BICE fights against sexual abuse

In 2014, BICE began a new partnership with Save the Children Romania, to fight against sexual abuse.

The programme has several objectives:

  • To promote resilience and recovery in child victims of sexual abuse,
  • To provide proper counselling support, to aid the resilience and recovery of children.

Activities against sexual abuse

The “Fight against sexual abuse” programme in Romania includes various activities:

  • Implementation of different methods of support for child victims of sexual abuse
  • Psychological and therapeutic counselling for child victims of sexual abuse,
  • Listening attentively to child victims, taking their age and trauma into account
  • Training of professionals who will in turn train other professionals from various sectors (boarding schools, orphanages, social centres, child brigades, police stations, homes …).

Key figures of the programme

In total, over 1,600 people – children and adults – benefit directly from activities against sexual abuse in Romania:

  • 1,000 children at risk or victims of sexual abuse receive better legal and psychological support
  • 600 child protection professionals trained in methods of support for child victims

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