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15 January 2016 | 10:00

Ideas from children to put an end to the violence

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Armenia« I would create an organisation for parents to learn to raise their children wtihout violence. I will also train teachers not to use violence against children. » Armenia - ©Arevamanuk
Cambodia« I would protect children against sex-trafficking. » Cambodia - ©OEC
Chile« I would set up a phone number to denounce violence towards children. » Chile - ©VdPSC
Georgia« I would build a refuge for children and I add children protection to the school syllabus. » Georgia - ©PHFG
Guatemala« I would introduce a course dedicated to children’s rights starting in primary school. » Guatemala - ©ODHAG
India« I would forbid child marriage. » India - ©Aina Trust
Kazakhstan« I would make sure that disabled children can access superior education in good conditions. » Kazakhstan - ©Centre Kenes
Lituania« I would teach children to call the police right away if somebody mistreats them or abuses them. » Lituania - © PVC
Mali« I would forbid the excision of girls .» Mali - ©BNCE-Mali
Paraguay« I would give more attention to young people and their social issues to prevent them from being the target of violence. » Paraguay - ©T. Taner - BICE
11 UK« I would make primary school free and mandatory. » Democratic Republic of Congo - ©BNCE-RDC
Ukraine« I would open centres for the victims of violence to meet with psychologists, doctors and legal advisors. I would set up a toll free number accessible to everybody and would create a group on social media. » Ukraine - ©WCU
Uruguay« I would encourage projects set up by young people. » Uruguay - ©JPC

The global campaign launched by BICE calling children from all over the world to have their voices heard in order to stop the violence towards them has already been beneficial. Take a look back in pictures at this wonderful initiative.

An international campaign to stop the violence towards children

Since November 20, 2015, BICE and the member organizations from its network launched a global campaign to put an end to the violence towards children by asking the children themselves to get involved.

By responding to the following question: If I was Mayor of my town, what would I do to stop violence towards children? Children all over the world can have their voices heard with a view to stop violence directed towards them.

All these ideas will be submitted in March 2016 to Mrs. Marta Santo Pais, special representative of the UN General Secretary in order to stop the violence towards children.

The voice of children will therefore be heard at the international level.

Discover the ideas from the children

In scrolling the photos above, you can get a glimpse of the ideas that children have had to put an end to the violence directed towards them. From the most simple to those more specific, we are like always, admiring with regard to their lucidity and their imagination!

You can participate in this campaign too!

Share this campaign around you, with your children or grand-children: we will gather all the ideas submitted by children and teenagers if they respond to the question: “If I was Mayor of my town, what will I do to stop the violence towards children?”
To transmit these ideas, you simply need to send an email to the following address: stopviolence@bice.org

Together, we can stop the violence towards children!