Project to support education in Mali - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Project to support education in Mali

Context The region of Sikasso, South of Mali, is packed with gold-bearing resources and many gold-panning sites have developed which has provoked a path toward gold and the influx of thousands of people. Among them, many children. The poorest children, notably girls, are often pressured to abandon their education and to work so that they can fulfil their needs and those of their families. Gold-panning sites lack safety and leave the field open to the development of all kinds of criminal activities. Children are exposed to the worst forms of work, they are exposed to addiction, alcohol, food insecurity, sexual and economic exploitation, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, without taking into account respiratory disease caused by products like zinc which are used in extraction processes.  


BICE takes action for the education of children from Mali

At the beginning of the year 2015, BICE and the BNCE-Mali began a program aimed at keeping children in school and even increase the level of schooling in the region of Sikasso.

The objectives:

  • Fight against no-schooling
  • Increase education
  • Protect children from the worst forms of labour

Activities for children of Sikasso

With our partner BNCE-Mali, we organise many activities:

  • Information and awareness campaigns at gold-panning sites and in the villages to encourage families to school their children and stop children from abandoning school in order to take up gold-panning
  • Rallying of local radio stations to raise awareness among the locals
  • Advocacy with regional governments and local authorities to promote the right to education of children, particularly girls
  • Support the most impoverished families by an allowance for school material
  • Remedial classes
  • Organisation of cultural and sport days for the children

The project’s key figures

  • 3000 children are encouraged and are made aware of the issue
  • 400 children, including 250 girls, benefit from remedial classes (direct beneficiaries)
  • Awareness raised among 600 parents of students
  • 90 children in difficult situations are supported with school supplies

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