Teenagers actors of well treatment in the Dominican Republic
Teenagers actors of well treatment in the Dominican Republic
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Teenagers actors of well treatment in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, BICE and the Centro Cultural Poveda raise awareness among young people, in order for them to become ambassadors of well treatment within their school, family and community.



For the past several years, BICE and the Centro Cultural Poveda have trained in the Dominican Republic, teenagers on their rights and promoted their citizen participation. A particular emphasis is placed upon the fight against sexual abuse and sexual tourism, scourges that are still widespread in the country.

This year, in the Bahoruco province, in the South-West of the country, BICE and the Centro Cultural Poveda have implemented an original project: enable young people to become actors of social change by promoting well treatment.

A forum on well treatment organized by young people for young people in the Dominican Republic

In order to train young people to become «promoters of child protection», teams from the Centro Cultural Poveda have organized workshops of discussion and reflection for a few months.

Young people have been able to think and to be formed on a variety of subjects:

  • child rights, including the right to education
  • the promotion of a culture of peace
  • solidarity, tolerance and respect
  • the participation of young people as actors of social change

They then took action by organizing a Forum entitled « Mano a mano con la niñez, construimos una cultura de paz » («Hand in hand with childhood, let’s build a culture of peace»).

No less than 212 young people from schools and community organizations of the Bahoruco province have participated and have been able to debate important subjects, such as harassment – including cyberbullying – but also the way to engage themselves in order to promote a society without violence.

Young people have strongly appreciated being consulted and considerated as full-fledged actors of society. The success of the Youth Forum is exemplary of the dynamic that has been created and the mobilization of each other around a common goal.

Many young people were excited about their role of promoters of well treatment they have been assigned to and many are motivated to repeat the experience.

More than 1 200 people sensitized to well treatment

Beyond raising awareness of the youngest, teams of the Centro Cultural Poveda have also organized workshops for families and representatives of educational institutions, in order to sensitize them to well treatment as well.

During these sessions, numerous topics have been discussed, such as parents-children relationship, the importance of dialogue or domestic violence.

Families were very motivated and actively participated during meetings. Parents have therefore asked for the inclusion of members of the family circle to participate in the training process and wish to continue it, in order to deepen the thematics they have been working on.

Once again, there have been very positive feedback from the participants, confirming the legitimacy of this project’s global approach. There cannot be the creation and strengthening of a culture of peace, without a holistic approach involving all the relevant actors.

Thanks to this project, there are no less than 1 240 young people, families, members of communities, that have been sensitized to well treatment and trained to become the promoters.

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