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27 January 2016 | 11:44

Togo: On the way to school


BICE and its partner BNCE-Togo make every effort to have children’s fundamental rights respected and from their very early age. Thanks to two early learning centres, the very young children benefit from reception and activities adapted to their needs.

Schooling of girls has increased

Yet again this year, in Lomé and Avoutokpa, more than 120 children aged between three and five years are receiving an education in the two early learning centres managed by BNCE-Togo, a member of BICE’s network.

An encouraging point to note: for a number of years now in Lomé, there has been an increase in female enrolments thanks to the awareness work conducted by BNCE-Togo, notably with young mother porters.

In these two centres the young children are taken care of according to their needs and many activities are organised throughout the week: introduction to writing and arithmetic, civic education, sport activities, games and even introduction to music.

Nutrition support is also assured so that every day a nutritional and suitable meal is served to children.

Donation of school books

Thanks to a partnership with La Voix de l’Enfant and Editions Hatier, this year children have access to many school books.

These books approach the fundamental learning aspects in an educational and fun way: an alphabet book, a book to practice French and a reading method.

BICE has also transmitted these school books to its partners in Ivory Coast and Mali who also implement projects which support schooling.

We will inform you soon about their news.