Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Mali - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Mali

Victims of sexual abuse in Mali are often young girls coming to the city looking for a job. Naive and inexperienced, they become the target of unscrupulous people. Used for prostitution, physically or sexually abused, these girls find themselves on the street with no money and no understanding of their rights. The extremely heavy psychological and physical consequences (pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases) can mark them for life.  


BICE fights against sexual abuse

Present in Mali since 1996, BICE formed a partnership with the BNCE Mali in 2011, to work on the issue of the sexual abuse of young girls.

We have two projects:

Training against sexual abuse

Training and prevention of sexual abuse activities in Mali are vital, to progressively reduce incidences of sexual violence.

BICE provides training for the BNCE Mali team on the issue of sexual violence (prevention, identification, care and rehabilitation of child victims). The aim is to build a team of resource persons who will in turn train other childcare professionals.

Key figures of the programme

The success of this project lies in the multiplier effect of training. Each person trained by BICE will in turn train 5 other people; 25 professionals will thus be educated to deal with this issue. Each professional’s mission is to work with children, families and communities to improve the prevention of abuse and the treatment of child victims.

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