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6 January 2017 | 11:13

Help refugee children in Lebanon to overcome their trauma

©V. Hurtubia

At present, over 2 million Syrian children live as refugees in Lebanon, Jordan or in another country. In order to help them overcome their trauma and rebuild themselves psychologically, BICE and its partners implement the «tutors of resilience» project.

Provide assistance to refugee children in Lebanon

Syrian children, victims of violence and displacement, need help and a special support. Otherwise, wounding and psychological trauma risk to pursue them for the rest of their life.

Since 2015, BICE, the Catholic University of Milan and its grassroots partners have been organizing «tutors of resilience» training courses.

The objective is to strengthen social workers, who daily help Syrian children victims of conflicts and displacement, by transmitting them the necessary tools and skills to provide children with a psychosocial support.

Thanks to these courses, social workers have been able to better understand the difficulties of Syrian children living in refugee camps and to implement a number of psychosocial interventions, based on resilience, that are more efficient and adapted to the context.

Teenagers particularly affected by violence and displacement

Over the last few months, we have noticed that some projects have been implemented for children aged between 6 and 12, whereas very few are planned for adolescents.

However, teenagers experience feelings of isolation and sadness in a more intense way and are more incline to develop negative adaptation strategies (such as drug and alcohol consumption, violent behaviors, etc).

The lack of reference points, due to the experience of displacement, makes adolescents’ adaptation difficult to their new reality.

They have to face a challenging path of growth, since they suffer from a «double transition»: the path at adulthood and sometimes, the one towards the host society.

This consideration led us to deepen the work alongside teenagers and to continue to train social workers, so that they can support them at best in their resilience path.

Organized in collaboration with the Lebanese Center for Active Citizenship, the training course took place from 10 to 18 October 2016 and gathered 32 participants.

The sessions also raised young people’s awareness of their cognitive, emotional and relational skills thus favoring their psychosocial well-being and providing them with the opportunity to move away from their passive self-image as wounded victims.

Photography as a tool of resilience

The training course took place in November and consisted of pictures workshops with the teenagers.

These workshops allowed teenagers to build a bridge between life in their home country and in their host country with the expectations they have for their future.

Thanks to photography, this journey through past, present and future also allowed them to reflect and revisit their own story while giving them the opportunity to acknowledge their internal resources and better handle their traumatic experiences.